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Channeled message from the Goddess Ianna / Inanna about courage

“I Am Ianna / Inanna, I am the Great Mother the ancient Goddess from the beginning of times. Today I come to speak to you bringing the seed of Love and compassion so that’s what I really am. I have many to share with you all... and I will always bring the blessings from the Holy Spirit so I am the Shekinah. My power, my strength and my love live among you, I am sent by the Creator to sooth your spirit, to encourage you to continue, to inspire you and teach Divine wisdom through simple words. Today I will speak about courage. Courage means to be afraid but even so stepping forward. Your Courage and strength need to be unburied, for the sake of this new times. I know you have fears, I know it’s not easy and I know you don’t know what to expect... but trust me dear, only the courage to do the right thing for you and your life will bring back the blessings of walking on your dream path, the one you are asking for so long. YOU NEED TO TAKE THE STEPS! Even if you don’t know where they are going to lead you! TRUST your heart. Trust your intuition. Trust the signs that are being given to you forcing you to look deeper into your life. Do not pretend or run away from it, just face them. Be courageous... and I promise that you will receive blessings from this decisions you are pulling off for so long. I am here to remind you that you are supported to create positive changes in your life. Source is bringing you the challenges so you can make a life review, motivating for the changes that NEED to occur. Do not be afraid! TRUST! This week the Earth will be blessed with so many light codes coming from the Lion’s Gate tomorrow on August 8. Take advantage of this event and influx of light to empower yourself and make the right decisions. Go for it! The awareness of this cosmic portal will bring you the spiritual support, activations and light codes you need to move forward. Make the intention to raise your own self to the highest potential, to make the best decisions and to bring the strength and clarity you need. I am Ianna the great Mother and I bless you with my Love and Courage.” 

By Susana Tavares

Artist unknown 

More- www.susanatavaresart.com

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