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Respect Mother Earth channeled Message

“Greetings I am Mother Earth. Today I want to share with you my most profound concern. Do you know why your specie think it owns my being? This is something I could never understand or figure it out. It’s such a mystery... There’s a big misunderstanding, I do not belong to you and you do not belong to me...we live with each other and it should be our best interest to take care the ones we live with. My point is, we live with each other and after will come your children, grandchildren... and you will teach them what you believe in. I am a being and I only belong to this universe, to the Creator and to myself. I ask you kindly to start to understand this concept of respect for another being. Other being can be different from you, can support your existence, may communicate in different ways, but still a being with rights and deservedly of respect. In fact I believe I should deserve ALL your respect. I am your carrier, your nurturer, your healer, your partner on this journey you are taking on this planet. Ideas are just that and some really need to change. On my lands you should ask for permission, for altering or changing anything. You should not come and just do it. How would you feel if it was in your home, or in your own body? For sure you wouldn’t like it at all. So would you be kind enough to ask me to make your interventions on my lands, on my sea, on my trees? Even if you can not hear my answer, trust that your respect will make me directly involved. I will help giving you the right ideas and do it in a good way for everyone. This way you are respecting me the planet, you are respecting the Devas, the elemental world and nature. This way you are evolving all parts, granting that your projects work out well, working as a team and giving you protection, inspiration and the guidance and energy you need to make everything work out in the best of ways. Protect me and I will protect you. Make your choices thinking on my well being and you are creating a long lasting relationship based on love, on community and in the respect for one another. I am Mother Earth and I expect your respect and kindness Thank you “ Channeled by Susana Tavares

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