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Archangel Metatron channeled Message

“Beloved ones, today is a good day. Today is a good day to start embracing who you really are through the eyes of Source. I am Archangel Metatron and my presence here today has the intention of lifting the veils of illusion and bring you back. I want you to connect with the Divine love and light that is always present within you. It has passed a hard period for many of you with activations, energetic upgrades, DNA interventions... this big amount of energy as lifted the dust of your past and it was your job to deal with your shadows and to understand what you needed to learn and leave behind. Even today, some of you are still cleaning the dust and facing some challenges so you can raise your frequency and allow more light to enter in your energetic fields. Do not worry my friends, you already know it’s important to face your fears, your insecurities and reminiscent patterns that are not at all for your highest good and the elevation of the planet. Even if it has been hard times, we can see that much as been dissolved and transmuted, opening space for more of the good stuff you are waiting for. I am the right and left hand of the Creator, it is my job to assist you in this periods of ascension and I want to help you with an exercise. Please breathe and feel you lungs expanding with your breath. Repeat until you feel present in this moment. Imagine that I am behind you with my hands in your shoulders. Receive my energy that is clearing and realigning your chakra system. Close your eyes to receive it. You will feel a warmth in your hands, that’s me sharing a special gift with you. With your eyes closed allow this gift to reveal itself to you and keep it in your heart. This gift brings a key to your ascension path, once put it in your heart it will start to move energy and amplify what you needed to be raised in the light / love consciousness of the Creator. Trust the process, I am with you! Allow yourself to receive. When you feel it’s finished just anchor the energy on the Earth. This simple but powerful exercise is bringing to you from the Creator itself and through my hands a missing piece of your puzzle. This is a great blessing to be received on this day. I bless you , I am Metatron” Beauty Art by Olga Kuczer 🙏🏻

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