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Energy new from the Fairies 🧚‍♂️ channeled messages

“Greetings we are the Fairies, so excited for sharing our knowledge and energy with all of you. We hope you can feel our happiness and joy in this moment. We are thrilled with the new energies coming to the Earth so they have been already been receive here on the Elemental kingdom. Prepare yourself to delight in this new vibrations. Let us explain how they feel like for us, so you can start anticipating and dreaming about them. This new energies feel so uplifting and enlightening, like they are embracing us in the sweetest arms of love. It’s like a constant pleasure of being and living our lives in purpose with so much clarity and joy. It’s like a feeling of confidence that will never go away, that sustain our beings in peace and harmony. Susana is feeling emotional while writing these words, we understand... you are waiting for so long this revelations in your own lives. For now may feel like a dream, but we promise they are real and they are coming to you. Our joy and contentment is this knowing, this feeling that is now being irradiated from our beings with so much ease and happiness. We are already living and experiencing them in our lives, but we want you to know that we are working focusly to spread them in all natural world, so you can also receive them directly from nature. In a month or so all natural places will be connected with this new energy that we call SHINA SHAKTA this means the world of light. We are the Fairies and we promise to come soon giving you more news to delight your heart.”

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