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Archangel Michael channeled Message

“I Am Archangel Michael and I bless you with my Divine presence. Susana and the Fairies spoken yesterday about this new delightful energy coming to the Earth that will be spread by the elemental world first in nature. Afterwards this energy called SHINA- SHAKTA (World of Light) will be transferred also directly to you, in a perfect vibration that will align your system with the world of Light. The fairies are excited and so are we in the higher realms already having a taste of what is achieving this state of enlightenment from the Creator. Exciting times indeed! In this next month it’s important to prepare yourself for this next phase. This means to make everything you can to purify your energy system. Let me give you some ideas: - control your time in your tablets, phones and TV - choose consciously what type of news you are consuming. Stop seeing anything that you feel low vibration and diminishes your energy - connect with nature, greeting all the elemental and natural world present - take time to rest, feel your natural cycles and respect them - surrender any challenges or worries, knowing everything is being taken care off - surround yourself with beauty, make your environments rich of pure positive energy. Including plants, flowers, candles... reorganize and take all that you do not like or do not have any sense. Make space for the new! - every morning be grateful for your day, your Guides and the opportunity to live and experience this amazing time of expansion - at night put your hands in your heart and remember the Creator and His infinite Love At this time, the birth of light should be your major intention. Take responsibility and wisely weigh your acts and choices. This world of light requires humility and power, so choose what you want or not in your world. Remember it’s a WORLD OF LIGHT ! I am Archangel Michael “ Art by Lilly Moses 

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