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Blessings from the Creator channeled message from Shakinah

“From the Earthly planes connected with the Divine Source of the Creator I am Shakinah. I am here today with the intention of bringing the blessings of the Creator. Experiencing now my inner being creating space to be the vessel of the new light SHINA-SHAKTA. I am this new light! I am the bridge walking between you to be anchor of the kingdom of the Creator. Everything is coming together. There's nothing to be afraid of, it's nothing to worry about ... just be part of the experience of becoming one with your Creator. You experience resistance, maybe pain, challenges... all of them making room and liberating the space needed. You've done nothing wrong, it's just how it is! I bring today a blessing with me, I bring the liberation of past contracts and the release of any attachments that are no longer serving your best interests. From the inner plans I bring the sacred fire of purification delivered by the Creator Himself to unlock strands of knowledge and power within your being. Support is coming today! Close your eyes for a moment and connect with your inner light, your inner sun. See the light of this sun surrounding all that you are. From above see the hand of the Creator reaching your light, He will open His hand to deliver the energy you need. Feel this energy surrounding all that you are moving through you. When ready listen to the words of the Creator to you. Be grateful for the blessings received. For the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit I am Shekinah” 

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