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Lady Venus and Sanat Kumara channeled Message

“I am Lady Venus, twin flame of Sanat Kumara coming forth today to bring news of the new energies descending upon this time space reality. Energies, that many of you reading the messages are already in process of expanding, releasing and purifying your system. From now on will become easier, the worst is now behind!For the ones being prepared to receive the SHINA-SHAKTA energy, know this energy is the embodiment of the feminine and masculine energies in pure alignment. Masculine and feminine intertwined, creating a perfect balanced energy within your being. Sacred feminine and masculine are needed right now, it’s the combination of both that will create a new world of light. This world of light is where we are heading...all this cosmic plan to raise the Earth and align the planet with the original plan of the Creator, is absolutely crucial to achieve the desired outcome of peace, balance, well being, abundance and most important your relationship with the Creator Himself. Restoring the natural flow of light and energy between your world and between you and the Divine Source. Many of you feel deeply this process of expansion, know all the efforts made so far have brought to life so many healing and alignment you can not imagine. Your essence is being rescued, since for many eons have been destroyed and manipulated so you could live on this planet no more than a slave. A slave of work, of fear, of rules, of money... so many ideas have been given to you that are so far from truth. But step be step, with all the light workers, Ascended Masters, star beings of other planets and light beings of service to the Earth, much has changed... Much work remains to be done , but so many challenges have been overcome and like Jesus said in the last message, we are walking now in safe ground. Maybe you can not perceive the meaning of this words, but this safety was not easy to achieve... with all the ones who have always believed and felt in their hearts and never looked back to support this changes, are the ones who made this Safe ground possible. We could never do this without you! Like masculine needs the feminine and vice-versa, Source energy needs the ones on the material planes to work in different stages of the process. You are so important as we are! We, me and Sanat Kumara, standing here next to me, wish many of you reading these words become a bridge for Source and the Creator to work with. We will call you! And we hope you can answer our call. Know you have been prepared to do this important task that we will put in your path, please say YES and be part of our team of Light workers that borne to raise this planet. We love you deeply, We are Lady Venus and Sanat Kumara empowering the Earth and raising the awareness of who is ready to step ahead and become who came to be” Art by Tatiana F. Light 

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