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Master Kuthumi channeled message

“I am Master Kuthumi, present here today to bring news of the new activations and light codes coming to the Earth. You already are aware of the SHINA-SHAKTA energy, we have been talking about this energy that represents the World of Light. Today I want to make a brief explanation about this energy that we’ve been talking about. The SHINA-SHAKTA energy is the amplification of the energetic fields of the Earth to reach the conditions needed to awaken the Creators kingdom on the planet. This awakening will occur in stages, depending on the work developed. The ones ready to take this leap will receive inspiration to take action on the fields needed and be an anchor of this energy. Once you receive it you will be a transmitter of the frequency of the SHINA-SHAKTA and be a helper on this early stages of spreading this new codes. This energy is the perfect combination of masculine and feminine. Is the energy that will bring justice and equilibrium to the planet. Is the energy that will embrace in equal terms feminine and masculine as the Creator as spoken before. Some of you reading the messages seek the same explanations over and over again. But we are in a time of expansion and things are changing and explanations are different. Do not hold yourselves judging what you do not know, or think you know. Nobody on this earth holds every single piece of the puzzle. Respect the Mystery and relax about the new ideas coming forth. So they are pure and are here to introduce healthy changes. Do not hold yourself back, but embrace the new light and the new paradigm that we have prayed so much to come. All changes need to come with new ideas, new concepts... that is expanding! Be respectful and kind and open your heart for this new World of Light and the ones serving it. I bless you, I am Master Kuthumi” 

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