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You are your Soul - Shekinah channeled Message

“Beloveds, I am the Shekinah! My voice can be heard in your hearts. My strength is with you. I am an invisible hand that hold yours bringing you comfort and tranquility. My energy lives among you, you are my people. I want to tell you how proud I am of all of you that believe more than your eyes can see. How you have achieved an inner strength and capacity of rising above and focus your vibration where you know it belongs. You are Source energy, you are your Soul, you are the Love and you are helping to create a new WORLD of LIGHT. Empower yourself in the knowing that you have all the answers within. Remember the connection with your Soul, with who you really are, is where you can find your purpose, the energy you need, the ideas, the support, the knowledge, the healing... is all there waiting for you! The abundance of living and expressing the Soul is the one who will take you far indeed. There’s nothing more precious...when you realize that this connection is the most supreme and Divine of them all. That’s why in your priorities should be the enhancement of this relationship with your inner-being. Meditate! Feel! Honor who you are! Learn to understand who is inside of you... Give yourself attention. Stop when you need too. Use your emotions to give you the signs on how you are in the moment. Happiness and joy are good indicators of alignment. Frustration and fear are indicators that you need to change something. Your feelings are telling you what you need to know... pay attention! Your support, does not live elsewhere, lives in YOU. You have your own key 🔑 Reclaim your Soul, reclaim who you are. Live in your pure essence, the one the Creator shares with you. I Am the Shekinah, the Holy Spirit” Light activations - http://www.susanatavaresart.com/light-activation-pack Soul paintings - http://www.susanatavaresart.com/copia-soul-painting Personal sacred geometry- http://www.susanatavaresart.com/light-activations More free messages- http://www.susanatavaresart.com/blog 

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