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Elevate your feelings of confidence with Shekinah- channeled message

“I Am Shekinah, present today to bring forgiveness and elevate your feelings of confidence in the love that already exist within you. You my friend, made and created by the most Divine Love, you have the ability of the greatest compassion and love towards others and yourself. The heaviness you may feel comes nothing than from illusion. Would you like to replace it for an enlightening state of being? Would you like to feel peaceful again with your worries and challenges ? Well there is only one way to do this... sustaining yourself in the light of the Creator. You do this by claiming this light to yourself - “I claim the light of the Creator. I am the light of the Creator. I move throughout His light and all that I need will come to me. I am part of His kingdom, I am His child, His light is also mine and it sustains my entire being. I am one with my Creator” When you say these words, remembering your cells and all that you are that THIS LIGHT is yours, magic starts to happen. You glow like a thousand suns, you glorify your being to the image of the Creator and you become ONE with him. In this state of awareness what’s to worry about? what challenges you can’t overcome? Allow this light to shine bright within your heart and ensure yourself that YOU ARE THE LIGHT. You will succeed always when you emerge into this consciousness of light that you share with the Creator and that Is the foundation of who you are. The song says- “shine bright like a diamond 💎” you my love are already this diamond that just needs to remember who it is and reclaim for itself the powers of the Soul. In this period of integrating new codes of light you are closer and closer of your Inner being. Your soul will be expressed more often and your light will shine through in ease and flow. Your challenges will seem minor and your worries vanished away by the consciousness of light that you are integrating. Like a permanent presence that will remind you what really matters, pointing the way. And if you are connected, if you’re present and attentive you will know and receive its blessings and direction. The Light is yours and always have been! With the blessings of the Holy Spirit, I am Shekinah.” The Sacred geometry helps you to connect with the energies contained in the message. You can meditate upon it, centering your attention and simply receive what’s there present for you. Thank you Susana Light activations - http://www.susanatavaresart.com/light-activation-pack Soul paintings - http://www.susanatavaresart.com/copia-soul-painting Personal sacred geometry- http://www.susanatavaresart.com/light-activations More free messages- http://www.susanatavaresart.com/blog 

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