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About Jesus and the Cross by Shekinah channeled Message

“These times ask us to think differently, these times ask you to change the old ways. Are you ready to live in a World of Light where we bury what no longer serves the purest intentions? Susana during her trip to Europe this summer, she starts seeing everywhere Jesus on the cross, her instincts made her every time she comes across these images and sculptures, imagine a free Christ. She focused in a radiant, glowing, joyful Jesus. She felt how this wound needed to be healed and how important was to restore the truth in our Hearts. When we speak of truth, we are not saying this event is not true... the point is, how long will we prevail this image of our beloved Jesus... wouldn’t He prefer to be remembered for all the teachings, mercy, miracles and spark of Divine Love that HE IS ? When will we be able to embrace a RISEN Christ, the one that is real and true in our Hearts? In Fátima, Portugal exists a new cross, one that dignifies the image and essence of Jesus. He is not crucified but he is rising out of the cross. What do you believe more in love or in sacrifice? I Shekinah believe in LOVE, I believe in a FREE JESUS. Because that’s who He really is. And it’s important that you also believe in the beauty of the Son of Creator and release from your homes, from your towns and from your hearts, replacing Jesus crosses for a beautiful image of a RADIANT JESUS. Let’s welcome a true world of light in our lives where we respect freedom, abundante, peace, mercy and love. A new generation of believers, holding the energy of beauty, love and innocence. May we all be in sanctity reverend Christ our Savior embracing His light, most of all in our hearts. I Am Shekinah “ 

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