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Flames of light and enlightenment by Shekinah- channeled message

“I am Shekinah and I am present today to bring codes of light and enlightenment. With this full moon a huge amount of new energy is being integrated in your physical body and energy spectrum. It’s possible you are experiencing some symptoms like pain in some parts of your body, lack of clarity, tiredness or waking up with a sensation that you have not rested during the night. Know that all of this is normal and will depend on the level of ascension that you are in. Independante of the level, all of you are creating more space to receive the new and releasing old patterns. All receiving a major healing coming from the depths of your Soul. This phase is not an easy one, you really need to remember why you are here and why all this layers of suffering and pain are needed. From many eons ago that your race is manipulated and controlled by forces that makes you believe you are nothing, you are just a men... almost an entire planet controlled by what they want you to think, feel and fear. And that’s why you have come because you believed this planet could be much better, because you knew your coming would accelerate the return of freedom and justice to this amazing planet. You believed the original plan of the Creator should be implanted providing what we now call a World of Light or the Shina-shakta energy. So in these times remember you are a warrior of the soul and every step of the way, justice is being made through you. Remember, that each day passes, we are closer and closer and so much has been done, just because you are here and you believed it was possible. Know that your FAITH and LOVE will be rewarded. In these words I am sharing my light and enlightenment to be absorbed by your being. You can even imagine all these words in flames and allowing them to come to you and see them moving to your chakra system and a pillar of light flames is now supporting in the next few day, bringing all that you need. My flames will adapt to your system and work specifically towards your needs. Moving to the right places and bringing a sense of support and safety. I am with you, I love u, I am shekinah “ 

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