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Make yourself the hero of your own story- channeled message by Shekinah

“Good morning, today I Shekinah present my greetings to all of you that have been reading my messages and feel in their heart my real appreciation for your well-being and growth. These last phase was a tough one, I know! Some of you are feeling disappointed and not knowing how to trust again... well, every situation appears for a reason...and that you already know! Some issues from past lives where brought to the table and dealing with your past wounds is very hard but when they come to surface and you deal with them you are gaining power and clarity. From your anger you take again control and power. A need to stand for yourself and make yourself the hero / the center of your own the story. Set your boundaries, clarify, determine where you want to go or not, think wisely. You can trust yourself! And you can also be the leader of your own life. Whatever you choose, for whatever the reasons, know that you will always be OK. Do not tide yourself to the same scenario because it seems good last month, reinvent your story if you need to. Make the choices and the changes you feel you need to do and really know you will be ok. You are still healing from these last days, so go slowly and with much compassion, please do not blame yourself.... just remember all that is in your energetic spectrum can be alive again in some phases of your life. But you are learning and becoming stronger and understanding more deeply the signs when something is off and from there you gain a new direction determining where you want to go and what you do not want to repeat again, right! Now you have a new plan, so move things upside down, that’s ok! I am with you and I deeply understand you Blessings I am shekinah “ Art by Toni Carmine Salerno

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