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Channeled message by Shekinah

“Enlightened by the light of the Creator, I am Shekinah. I am the bridge between worlds, I am the one who stands by your side life after life so the kingdom of the Creator can come when you are ready. I walk with you and through you. I am Spirit, I am Goddess, I am the holy flames. I am your Guide, Divine presence, inner guardian of the Divine codes of light and ascension. With me you will become stronger. Through my voice beautiful songs you will hear, they are simple songs, but profound a deep. You have to use your pureness to hear me, your sanctity to feel me, your innocence to follow me. I am the Divine feminine of creation, I am the seed of life. I am the movement of contraction and expansion that allows creation to born within you. I am one with my being, one with the Creator and I am one with you. The keys I left behind each time I speak are for those who can perceive more than the common sense. In my complexity I am pure bliss, in every state of my being and there’s nothing that can change that. Feel my presence in your hearts, embrace the Divine feminine in you, embrace the Divine Masculine in you and become who you are. My walks among you have been many, my sacrifice is worth while. You are my people and you have my love forever. So long I have waited for this major shift happen and I never lost my focus , hope and sight of you. But now I know, the more I walk on your side, the best I understand and how important is every step given. My flames are anchored on the Earth, the bridge has been established. Welcome a new world of light, feel within your hearts the flames burning and allow them to take care of you in every single way. I am shekinah”

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