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New moon energies - Shekinah channeled message

“With the energies of the new moon, I shekinah, bring gifts of transmutation and new beginnings. You are ready! You are ready after all this difficult period of integrating the new Earth light codes a new fresh start is here to be enjoyed as a smoother path ahead. I know this has been really challenging and how all of you are so tired and without patience. I know it’s been really hard, especially for those who are in the front line of this ascension. But now new beginnings are here and even until the end of the week you will still feel the reminiscing of this situation, remember it’s only the last days 😉 So, are you ready for a smoother road to walk? Are you ready for more ease and flow? Are you ready for well-being, clarity and wonderful ideas to jump into your lap? I hope so, because they are coming my friends! Specially if you are a light worker and you are of service to the Earth. I am holding my fire in the center of your emotions and this fire will bring patience, balance, a new seeing eyes upon all that as been happening into your life. My fire will increase your awareness and well-being and bring a sense of safety and grounding so needed right now. Hold yourself for a moment within and see my Holy Fire in your core center, feel the warmth in your heart and its energy of stability holding your being and breathe... I am here to support you, to hold your hand and know I am with you. Until the end of the week remind yourself of the holy flame in your heart and breathe into it. Feel it’s stability and peaceful energy. This will align your being and will help to integrate the rest in a easier way. I am kissing your front head and taking away the old dust from your third eye, so you can see clearly allowing most of the resistance to go and preparing to be in a good place. I am shekinah, awakener of the soul 🕊” More - www.susanatavaresart.com 

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