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Christic self - Shekinah channeled Message

Somewhere between this moment and the future a new being is becoming. You are becoming each day closer to your Christic self. The energy that is awakening within you to become. Not only to become part of you but part of this planet. That’s why we are here to embody our Christic self and become one with our Creator. In the next days we are finishing a cycle and starting a new one. Especially for those who are in the frontline of ascension. You are becoming your Christic self, you are emerging into your soul and a new way is here to be tasted as within and so without. Things are falling into place, the signs start to present themselves to you and like a bubble of light flowing with you inside, it will feel blissful and graceful and joyful. You are starting to feel this smoother energy and even if you still have some things that can challenge you, your ability as changed in a way that you will come forth dealing with the subjects in a new, lighter and objective way. You will feel in your power, saying what you need to say but at the same time you will have a capacity for not take things so serious and embrace balance and peace within. Deep inside you know everything will be ok and a higher force is taking care of everything and solutions will present in the right time without needing to feel overwhelmed in the present moment. You will know that no matter what things are working out for you and you will trust this feeling. You now understand that are things that you can’t give up. They are who you are and they are too precious. But you will find a new way of dealing with contrast while you make the priority of respecting your values and what you believe in. From this self-respect a new power will stay within, present, bringing you safety and proudness in who you are. In fact you are just honoring your soul! No more pretending you are something else ... embodying your Christic self is being anchored in self-love and in the power of being who you are. It’s this smoother road that will bring the right impulse in the right moment without having to bring the entire house down. It is a clear, powerful sense of freedom and integrity with your being that will feel so good and so right. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, You totally deserve it. I am Shekinah 🕊🌟💗 

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