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Rebirth in your inner-power - channeled message by Shekinah

“If you have been reading the last messages, you know we are living new beginnings and new beginnings require adaption and adjustments. Today you may feel pain in your solar plexus or some gastrointestinal disturbances. Know this is your inner power unlocking. Your Solar plexus is opening up and becoming bigger and brighter like a sun 🌞 This process can be painful but all you have to do is to lay down and relax the maximum you can and say: “ I am ready to release all past experiences that block my inner power, I am ready to become full of my inner power for the highest good of myself, others and this planet. I allow my solar plexus to make what is needed to become fully empowered and I trust the process” Breathe and relax. Visualize a big golden sun surrounding your stomach and belly. This sun is purifying all that is needed and releasing many past energies, specially from past lives. The sun will become smaller and placed in the center of your solar plexus, irradiating such a powerful energy that will affect great distances. You are now a light glowing sun increasing the energy of the planet in the Shina -Shakta energy. Your solar plexus will restore the Divine connection with your Heart and from now on you will start to act from a place of POWER and LOVE at the same time. The God and the GODDESS, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in profound connection moving as ONE. This awakening or healing will bring DIRECTION. You, living in a place of abundance, integrity and power with who you really are. Fears are left behind and a REBIRTH is taking place within you. One that will transform your perception forever. You can put your crown, walk as a Master so is what you are. Do not loose sight of your importance and role, so you are a blessing for ALL. I am Shekinah, Guardian keeper of the bridge between Source and the Earth” 

By Susana Tavares


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