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Inner power - channeled message by Shekinah

“My friends, over these past few days the solar plexus activations are still in progress with its culmination tomorrow with the full moon. There’s many energy moving in this area so is expected that you feel swollen and some kind of discomfort on your belly and stomach. Past life issues are coming to surface, be aware of these patterns so it’s time to fully let them go . Usually they are connected with your inner-child, attitudes, actions you take over time that make you feel safe and secure because you already know them so well. It’s like a safe place you revisit over and over. But you have received the signs already that they are not for you anymore and they are not for your highest good. This is a challenge, so it’s important to keep yourself focused in what really matter. Your inner power is all about knowing the direction to take, is to put things in its proper place and defining priorities. Some assertiveness is needed! Pay attention to your decisions and where you are putting your attention upon. Do not go backwards so temptation will be there showing yourself to you in the face. And you will want to do it and go back and think - but this is so good and I love it so much.... and at the same time you know it belongs to the past ... it’s up to you to reflect and take the best option for you. Do you want to be stuck on the past or do you prefer to keep moving? Your decision will determine where you will be. It’s up to you my friend and I know it’s not easy and it’s tempting but INNER-POWER is in the works and it’s important to reclaim the space for the things that are for the highest good and not only for your own taste and pleasure. Thing globally, think universal, think how can you make the difference and how can you be used to make this time better for everyone. A progressive mind takes risks, expands and believes in progress. The past is just showing up for you to consolidate this important aspects within you and never more having doubts where they belong. Decide wisely and tomorrow you will feel the progress of your actions. I am Shekinah” 

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