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New cycle- channeled message by Shekinah

“A new cycle has begun for many of you. Did you felt the shift yesterday with the full moon? If you felt a change on your energy, a natural flow it’s because you came into awareness and have taken this opportunity to become more. Congratulations! This new cycle brings an important shift of consciousness that is anchored in your inner power. This means you will no longer waste time on things that aren’t aligned with your life purpose. And you become fully aware on your priorities and how important is to make your part and be responsible on the path your are taken for yourself and the planet. Your awareness is the vehicle of ascension. When you are grounded and determined the universe has no other choice than give you all that you need to fulfill your purpose. Source becomes your ally and all you need is delivered to you. You start noticing how you can manifeste easily and things align and synchronize at a perfect pace. You no longer need to be in effort but you have a sense of balance, ease, knowing exact what to do. This new cycle brings this responsibility, power and awareness embraced by ease for the ones living to their purposes. Many opportunities will present themselves and suddenly you are sure you made the right decisions and you will feel aligned and empowered in this new state of awareness and self reinsurance. You will provide for yourself while helping the planet with your unique gifts. How beautiful is that! Know I am with you all the way, call my name if you need support, light me a candle and ask what you need. All will be delivered to you if it’s for your highest good! I bless you, I love you, I am Shekinah Guardian Keeper of the bridge between Earth and Source” 

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