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Honor the path - channeled message by Shekinah

“Soften your hearts dear ones and enlighten your spirits. This day is a day to really start living in the new frequencies available for you to delight yourself in the connection with the soul. Many of you may experience some sadness or feeling some discord, if it is so, you still are in progress with tuning your frequency. Or you may feel this new beginnings experiencing new exciting ideas, new projects, new opportunities. Doesn’t matter where you are, because in both cases major progress are being made. For those still tuning their frequency with the Shina-shakta energy ( energy of the new world of light) know that your time will arrive. You have come so far! you just need a little more patience and allow things to come to you, so you are only a step further to achieve your desires. For those who already are swimming in the sea of love and light, experiencing the new frequencies, just go for it, put your creativity into action. Focus and make it happen. No matter where you are, up, down or in the middle just honor your being, honor the path you already walk through. Embrace the resistance and surrender so you can rebirth in the new light of your soul. Live what is on your path with a faithful heart. Faith and hope always opened invisible roads and take you to magical lands. Solutions will come out from no where and balance and tranquility will come with your surrender and faithful heart. Reading these words for those still in progress will help them to awaken some kind of solution, path, unlock the resistance and give a step further. Wait, so it will be revealed to you. Smile to this new possibility so it is real and will bring achievement. Next time we speak you will be in a new place. Each being has its own rhythm and your birth into the new Light will become when you are ready. I am helping you to heal and move forward. I am helping you to believe in the magic. I am giving you my hand and push you to the surface and please do not drown yourself just keep believing that your time will come, because it will. For those who are already in alignment with this new phase, please help your brothers and sisters to rise. Give them your hope, your knowledge, your sureness that everything will be ok. You have been there and you know from experience how hard is to walk this path and how hope, love, self-respect and believing in a higher plan for humanity is in the works not only for you and me but for all planet. So we can all receive the kingdom of the Creator and live in a new WORLD of LIGHT that brings justice, abundance and well-being. And how important is to face the challenge remembering that we all are healing deeply and transforming consciousness for a better world and a balanced universe where the love of the Creator reigns. You, that have come so far, live in purpose and share your mastery with all the ones you can help. Be the light! And use the immense love that is in your core center, not to speak too much, but for feeling and to be an arch of love, ligh and consciousness that you emanate from your center. More than explanations, more than trying to convert anyone, emanate the Shina-shakta love to each and everyone you meet. Be present in your power of emanating this gift with the world around you and be the key to change, in your HUMILITY, LOVE and PRESENCE. This presence that now is DIVINE, the key to unlock and open new doors and windows, new paths of beauty and magic that are just waiting for you to remember that the CREATOR lives within you. I am Shekinah blessing you ALL “

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