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Until November 25 - channeled message by Shekinah

“In these times of great cleanse and healing, your Soul is creating space to descend and express itself. For this to happen a great movement of contractions is being made so it can be followed by a movement of expansion that will take place in the end of November. This movement is revealing what does not serve you and all that needs to be released. In this next period of ascension is really important to be the most truthful as you can be. For those who have made their shift it’s really important to be aware of your acts, how you spend your time, how do you express your soul being into everything you do. How your way of living is a service to the planet you live in. It’s a time to reconsider, to replan, to be mindful on how you use your energies. Anything that is not appropriate it will be felt. You can feel your energy descending, feeling resistance, or inadequacy .... just be aware of the signs and you will know that they mean that something is not working out for you. Just stop and reflect and change your approach to the situation. This period it will be a period to realign and readjust your plan and purpose. So take this time as a big preparation to understand and deepen how you are moving, how you are acting, where you are putting your efforts and how you can learn from your feelings and energy to be more effective with your time and resources, helping and be of service to the Earth. For those who are still integrating and feel in that middle space, it will be a period of great growth. In this time you will need much patience. Many will be in the place to deconstruct their own reality, things will crumble and be messy in this month. But please don’t loose sight of your destiny and purpose. All the challenges you will have to go through will be there to give you a second chance, to clear your path and open new trails of consciousness, finishing soul contracts and putting end to many messy things that are in your energetic spectrum. Remember that you never face a challenge just because, your soul knows exactly what growth you will need, what patterns, people, places need to be released for your own sake. In this period that already started yesterday, every morning imagine a crystalline pyramid surrounding you. Imagine the cosmic dolphins and whales swimming around your pyramid they will bring flow, support, consciousness, faith, movement, purity and alignment and structure. The sounds of the sea will be profoundly healing at this time, so if you can go to the beach go or you can listen these sounds to infuse and soothe your energy. Please rest has much as you can, eat organic, take some vitamin supplements to reinforce your system and meditate before going to sleep. Choose wisely! This is important to keep your balance and strength until the 25 of November. I know these are not the news you want to hear, but at least you are aware and in the next period a movement of expansion is coming. Please take care! With all my love, the blessings and protection of the Holy Spirit, I am Shekinah” 

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