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Honor your emotions and rainbow bridge channeled message - Shekinah

“In this transitional time, we are dealing with intense blocks of energy emerging from the Earth. Pushing us to be fully anchored in our truth.

You may feel you are in an emotional washing machine, but in fact you are releasing old baggage that is travelling with you for too long.

Allow these emotions to come to surface, its ok to cry, to feel sensitive, to have less patience… Be very kind with yourself at this moment.

Expressing your emotions is a positive thing. This doesn’t mean to express over others but express them in ways that clears what it´s needed and in the same way empower your being to release and face the emotions that are coming through. Some ideas: write, paint, sing, dance, sleep, cry, walk in nature, do nothing … just allow your emotions to run through you and accept that´s the way it is.

Surrender the idea that you always need to be ok. Sometimes we need to go down, to dye inside, to release the old leaves so we can rebirth again.

Autumn ask us to undress ourselves from the old, creating space to go deep within our emotions so when the right time comes, we can feel renewed again, filled with strength and ready for new endeavors.

Have patience, embrace your needs, rest, treat yourself kindly and keep calling the elemental world to boost your energy.

First put yourself within a crystal pyramid and call:

- the dolphins and the whales for emotional support, flow and motivation

- the dragons for strength and protection

- the fairies and unicorns to bring lightness, playfulness, creativity

- the crystal beings for clarity, purity and healing

The rainbow bridge is fully anchored now on the Earth bringing all these magical beings to play and support our journeys along the way. On top of your pyramid you can place a beautiful rainbow arch. This will increase your connection with the elemental world.

I am Shekinah bringing rainbow blessings and crystalline links”

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I am shekinah bringing rainbow blessings and crystalline links”chennel

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