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Blessings from the Fairies

“Good morning, we are here today to bring you gifts of light and love form the Fairies. It´s our purpose to spread the magic we are made of and share it with all the ones who believe.

First, we would like to take you on a magic flight, one that will bring you awakening of the magic inside. One that will awaken your mysteries and gifts. This journey will take place on our home land the Magical kingdom of the Fairies.

Close your eyes for a moment and make the intention to connect with the Magical Kingdom of the Fairies, allow yourself to breathe and relax. For this ride you can also imagine you have the most beautiful Fairy wings and with you a bag of magic dust in your favorite color.

Imagine now a beautiful forest that sparkles in every direction you look at. It’s like every leaf, branch, tree glows with tiny sparkles of golden light. Look around and feel for a moment the magic and mystery present in this place. Feel it in your heart, in your cells, in all that you are. This place brings ancient wisdom and awakens Divine gifts that where forgotten in the past.

A fairy will welcome you and together you will fly through the forest until you see a portal. This portal is the entry for our home land, made of green and golden light. You fly through and on the other side the fairies are waiting for you.

They lead you to their sanctuary all made of light and the most beautiful flowers. You are in the middle and the Fairies surround you in a big circle. From their beings an immense amount of multicolored light is being irradiated to you. You soak it all in and you can feel the power of what you have received and the knowing that something has changed deep within you.

You received a great blessing, a connection with your primary gifts, the most pure and powerful of them all. You will receive a memory, a sign, an image, or a message. Just wait!

Be grateful for this moment with the Fairies and for the revelations of your Soul.

When ready use your magic dust to spread around you and integrate what you have received. Feel the openness in your heart, breathe deeply and open your eyes.

We are the Fairies with the presence of the Great Mother Shekinah and the blessing of the Holy Spirit.”

Art by Susan Schroder

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