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Galactic codes from Sirius - channeled message

“In this point in time your bodies are being assisted to receive and open with new Galactic codes that are being shared by the council of Sirius and incorporated in our solar plexus and Sacral chakras. This means you are probably feeling pain and discomfort in this area of your body. Depending on your sensitivity you will have more or less pain. This just asks you to accept and take time to rest and sleep as much as you can. Please do not loose sight of what these Galactic codes mean for ascension and growth. They come to increase the response and joining together different worlds in the same universe. In the original plan of the Creator ALL meant to live in union, respect and openness for the variety of Galactic species that are meant to work together as a Galactic corporation that unifies and strengthen lines of understanding and peace for the goodness of all. Whales and dolphins came from Sirius Star system, they are here to purify the Seas and the environment. Using their sonars to achieve this purpose of spreading sound in a specific vibration that expands in multi- directions. Every step of this Divine Plan of ascension has a specific goals to achieve and all of you will be informed of these steps so you can be aware and take care the best possible of your body and energetic system so you can be at your best every time. We know these are hard times, and we have you a major respect for all you have been through without loosing your faith and understanding of what all this ascension means. We reinsure you that after the 25 of November everything will turn much smoother and easy for all of you. In the end of this period your body and celular system will increase. New awareness and wisdom are being incorporated now into your cells opening space for new information, new habits, new though forms, new discoveries, new achievements that we will be able to share with you directly ( Sirius- Earth ) growing our partnership and movement for the balance of the Earth and our solar system. This will bring amazing opportunities for All and we are very much excited to co-create with you. We are the Council of Sirius with the blessing of the Great Mother Shekinah” Art by - unknown  More - www.susanatavaresart.com 

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