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Today’s energies by Shekinah - channeled message

“Good morning, I am the Great Mother Shekinah and today I bring you my embrace and compassion upon you. Today is a day where many challenges can be felt. Its possible that you start your day with several challenges big and small. The energy is moving to clear the old and you will be in situations that will trouble you and make you angry or irritated. So my friends the only thing to do is not taking things so seriously or too personal. Remember is just a wave passing and will go away and tomorrow will be a new day. I want to leave you some suggestions and ideas to deal with this wave of energy: - call the Sylphs, elementals of Air and ask them to blow the challenges coming in your way and help you to instinctively know what to do, they will inspire you. - call the unicorns to surround you in a magical rainbow with all the colors known and unknown in this realm to bring you protection. - connect with Mother Earth and ground yourself. ( you can imagine you have roots going down to the Earth) This actions will help you to diminish the impact of challenges you may feel coming in your way and will improve you awareness and stability in the middle of chaos or undesired situations. Be also aware the patterns that these situations are trying to show you and intentionally say - “I am ready to release this pattern and move on with my life, may the past stays in the past and a new bright future presents to me now” Even if it’s not an easy day, just do not loose your integrity and keep moving along. Remember tomorrow will be a new day. With blessings of the Great Mother Shekinah “ More - www.susanatavaresart.com

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