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A cycle within a cycle - channeled messages from Shekinah Mother Goddess

“Cycles close, cycles open we are living in a eternal cycle movement. All cooperative components are present and inside the cycles, more cycles are created and manifested to help you along the path, soothing and amplifying the energy, helping to transcend and empower your being. That’s where we are, a cycle within a cycle, a blessed breakthrough where we feel a lighter energy, a sense of relief and abundance, creative juices flowing and even we are releasing the past, that we continue to do, we can see things in a new perspective. Honoring our new gained knowledge, knowing what things are and putting them where they belong. You are now on this state of awareness and the universe is there helping you to deal with all the things and gaining control of your life in an ease and flow way. Even so, Assertiveness, direction and some “superior” type of mood are in our baskets, telling us to do our thing and not caring so much. But if at first you might feel you should be more compassionate and caring, in fact this is all part of the equation and you MUST trust your gut and the expression of your soul. You may feel in some kind of way you are being cold, or too straight with someone or situation and in fact is a blessing in disguise that is there for you to TRUST and follow the impulse. Remember, balance and manifestation comes from a movement of expansion and contraction, these are the components to make things happen. So ensure yourself that you and your soul knows what are doing, even if you cannot understand all parts of it. Until the 25 we will continue to make shifts and allowing the past to go but in a positive way. You will feel empowered, acknowledged and your intuition will be sharp. Follow your instincts, you will know what to do. When giving a second thought remind yourself your soul is in charge and you will receive the signs needed to move forward in a beneficial way for all involved. This journey it’s not been easy but you are now on this place of empowerment and deeply connected with your inner being, isn’t this amazing! We are all getting there, step by step 😉 With much love from my being to yours, I am Shekinah the Mother Goddess“ More - www.susanatavaresart.com 

Art found on The soulful woman on Facebook artist unknown 

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