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Liberation has started- by Metatron and Shekinah - channeled Message

Good morning we are Shekinah and Metatron joining here today to announce something big. The time has come, your work, your strength, faith and patience lead you to this moment. And this moment brings releasing and freedom. Today we can say many of you will be LIBERATED. This means the treasure chest will be open and will stay open forever. This means the kingdom of the Creator as arrived and it’s here to stay. You my friends that were here to fight and stand for this cause you will be the ones to be set free in the first place. And we are deeply grateful for all your efforts and service to our beloved Creator. HE will no more be hidden from you, the Creator will live present in a way that you haven’t experienced before. You will be inspired by Source directly and experience within something new and unique. A new door will open... When this door opens, it will stay opened forever, burning with the Divine flame of Creation in deep connection with the most PURE LOVE of all. You waited such a long time for this, so many ups and downs, but the higher path is here for you to enjoy and receive the fruits of your labor. This liberation process, will not happen for everyone at the same time, it will be a process that will have its culmination in December 2020. But it’s starting now and many of are feeling a new vibe, the shift can be felt very present within. There is no mistake, you can feel it! Until the 25 November we are still finishing this task of clearing the path, so it’s normal you still have some tiny challenges, but now everything feels so much easier and simple, because you feel this flame burning inside of you. The Divine connection is there to let you know and recognize all that you have done and now bringing gifts of all kinds. Pay attention 😉 You will feel different, alive, certain, empowered, joyful, aligned, passionate. Your sacred heart is leading the way and it’s taken hand on your life in such a delicious way. Enjoy this moment in the sun and rejoice for all this movement of FREEDOM that is starting now. Be GRATEFUL, today it’s Thanksgiving, so be grateful for ALL. The good and the bad moments. The challenges, the blessings, the pains, the laughter. BE GRATEFUL FOR ALL. So they led you here at this moment, at this AMAZING time space reality that have bring you the opportunity of major growth, never seen before. It has been hard, but you are ALIVE and so uniquely you. Drinking from the depths of your soul power, part of a warrior team that came to prepare these lands for the coming of our beloved Creator. We bless you and we are tremendously GRATEFUL for you, We are Shekinah and Metatron twin flames 🔥🔥

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