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Divine marriage- channeled Message by Shekinah and the Creator

“Good morning to all, we Shekinah and the Creator are here to acknowledge a New Era of abundance. The Golden Era so expected is already here! You cannot see it yet but many can feel it in their hearts. Something new is present within. A new connection is being established, your hearts are open wide and you start to notice a different way that is birthing within you. What are you feeling? If you are feeling very sensitive know the path is being opened to seal this connection with us the Divine Couple. The union with the Sacred Masculine and feminine is at works. This sacred union or the Divine marriage between Earth and Source is being anchored until next Thursday and all of you are holding the vibration and helping to deepen and keeping it steady until it’s fully complete. Know that the ones feeling this sensitivity are the ones who are leading this ascension path and freedom is with you already. For the ones feeling challenged with life issues, know you’re still in progress. Keeping yourselves faithful and practicing self work is very important. Be aware and even when when life presents difficult know that there is a strong reason to be this way. Open your eyes, understand the meaning of the situations and try to activate your powers of love, understanding, faith and trust reassuring yourself that things will get better. You are just paying debts from the past that once sealed you will be able to release them and your time of freedom will also arrive. But remember peace and faith are extremely important right now. Prove that your faith is first, prove you believe in a higher plan. This is your ticket to freedom! May we all breath deeply from the depths of the universe, in connection with the Divine Father and Divine Mother and bring them to your hearts. See a glowing heart within your chest that is always shining the light into your life, allow it to shine so bright and feel the love of the Divine Couple holding your being bringing peace and confidence in the future to come. We bless you, We are the Divine Couple Shekinah and Yahweh ( the Creator )” Art by Emily Balivet - https://www.etsy.com/shop/EmilyBalivet More about my work at www.susanatavaresart.com 

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