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Arise - channeled message from the Elohim and the Holy Shekinah

“Blessings, we are the Elohim and the Holy Shekinah and we bring seeds of light to share with all of you. In the massive expansion you are all experiencing within your hearts, tears of despair and sorrow, of pain and misunderstanding are bringing to the light hidden jewells . Cry all out, that’s fine. Clear yourself from all forms of heaviness, unworthiness... there’s no mistake in here. You carry with you these stones, heavy stones from the past and they need to go and be dissolved for the sake of lightness can be felt once more in your hearts. No more a pretend state of being but a true state of self worthiness and self power, raising from the darkness until you can reach the light from your Soul. Surrender all the pain, let it out, do not hold yourself back, empty your being, so it can be filled with the most Divine Love. Legions of Angels are descending upon the Earth bringing the beginning of times in the Golden Flame of YAHWEH and the HOLY SHEKINAH. In their hands the light of purification and the risen of the BELIEVERS. Welcome the Seed of light brought to you in this message, purifying all your being and In communion with your highest self you shall raise from the dead and a new life will flourish receiving the mercy of the Creator and making you part of His kingdom. Today is a new day, where all dark and light mix together for the beginning of NEW TIMES. Surrender ALL...the new light will shine after you have empty yourself from the past. In the end smile, so your work, your sadness, your battles where fought not only for you but for many. We are the Elohim and the Holy Shekinah bringing the light to seed your heart.” Art from Rumi oracle cards by Alana Fairchild www.susanatavaresart.com 

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