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Simplicity- channeled message by Holy Shekinah

“Good morning! I am the Holy Shekinah, mother of all. Take a moment to feel the freshness and lightness in your heart. You may not have slept last night but the magic of the Creator is with you. And it’s not an illusion or something from your head, it’s real! A new life it’s unfolding and a lot could be expressed in difficult words of ascension terms and different kinds of frequencies, energies and so on... but where is simplicity... Simplicity is such a delight, ease and flow, joy, alignment... appreciating life, of being you, enjoying who you are, the flight of a bird, a good music, the warmth in your heart when you see something you love. That’s what truly matters, living the simple magic of life. And when you are aware of it, of the movement of things around you and the meaning they have, you know how there is a higher power that moves ALL. There is no coincidence, no mistakes... is all part of a big equation, a higher plan where you are involved. Your sanity, your strength lies on the little things, on how you choose to perceive life, how you apply your intentions, how you notice your feelings, how you honor yourself and the world around you. Sometimes we need to be reminded that it’s ok to go simple, to be part where you are now on the Earth and enjoy this life and remember to have fun and bring joy in. An invitation is something powerful. Everyday you have the power to invite amazing things to join you and be part of your life. Ask yourself- what do I want to join me today? Freedom, joy, positivity, keen mind, ease, flow... what do you want? Can you ask the Divine beings of unconditional love to join you and help you to achieve this fulfilling wishes? Off course you can and you should. It is in your power to use the tools that are given to you, to use for your benefit and achieve your goals in life. So what are you waiting for? From now on, the doors are opened for you to ask and receive. So I will give some manifestation tools that you can use and that will help you along the way: - call the Angels and Archangels, you don’t need to know there names, just ask - “thank you Angels and Archangels of Divine Love for joining me today and helping me with all the moments of my day / life”, off course if you know the Archangels you can be more specific if you want, but simple is good. - chant the mantra “Kodoish, kodoish, kodoish Adonai tsebayoth” meaning "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts." These words are a greeting to welcome the Divine light and love and your connection and service to the the Creator and the holy trinity. - prepare a place in your altar and include an image of the Divine couple, the Divine Father and the Divine Mother ( it can be the one presented on this post) This will represent the Divine Marriage that have happened within your heart joining in full balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine acting as one for the highest good of All. Enjoy this new phase where you will experience more ease. Remember who you are, honor your soul and welcome simplicity and the new flow into your life. Blessings from the Holy Mother Shekinah and her legions of Angels” 

Art by Catherine Davis

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