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Ascension groups - Council of 24 Elohim channeled Message

“Good morning we are the Council of Yahweh, the 24 Elohim bringing today explanations about how the works are developing and how they are assisting humanity on this new phase, where you are receiving the Christic light and opening the connection with the Creator and Divine Trinity in this month of December. There are 3 major groups, with different levels of ascension. The first group are the ones helping with the Divine plan. They are the light workers playing all kind of different roles to anchor and integrate the energy needed on the planet in each phase, facilitating the process for all the other groups. They are intrinsically connected with Divine frequencies and they understand and were trained to be here now and be part of this program. So they sustain the light, the love and they have a different perspective about life and their priorities. This is a group of 144000 souls that incarnated to be the messengers, grid workers, bridges, star beings, gate keepers, healers... all of them very important so this higher plan can achieve success. A great thank you for all of you, we deeply respect all the work you have been done, all the painful processes you have been through, all the patience and how you always kept your faith and trust in the higher realms. Know that you are already winners so the purpose has been established and there is no way back. Many of you are already feeling the new Golden Era, the new light flowing through your lives and how a big smile is always waiting for you in each step of the way. You are deserving of all these gifts, all the love and abundance from the Creator Himself. We honor every cell of you body and every spark of your light and love. The second group are the ones who will achieve ascension, from their own personal work of finding the space in their lives to understand what is happening and create time to grow at all levels of their beings. In this second group are different types of development, some are in the beginning, some are advanced and making huge progress. But still all feeling challenged about their lives, so they still are deconstructing their egos and balance their mind, body and spirit. Achieving from experience and self-work what is important, which values they should stand upon, which beliefs are not part of their truths, how to reorganize their priorities and how to achieve self-respect, self-love and heal many wounds from the past. And most important how to develop a new consciousness that respects all in communion and relationship with the Divine in their own hearts. The third group are the ones who are not prepared to ascend or even understand what is a Divine purpose or a True Divine connection. The non-believers will also have their place so they will be here to make the 3 dimensional work needed. They will be living in the old paradigm and facing the same challenges until they are ready to be part of the second group. But every soul at its own course and rhythm. All the 3 groups will live upon the Earth and will develop different tasks. Know the first and second group will ascend and live in the Golden age sooner or later, is just a matter of time and self-development. The third group will work as a support with their own limitations that need to be respected until they are ready to give a step forward. Until 2020 many souls will ascend and be ready for this amazing new Era. If you feel you are not quite there yet, just keep going trusting the process and the blessings in disguise. We are helping one and each of you, many will soon give the step. We bless you ALL and we are at your service bringing also the blessings of Shekinah and the Holy Spirit” Art found on Pinterest artist unknown, please give credit to the artist if you know who is it. Thank you More about my healing work and messages on my website www.susanatavaresart.com 

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