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Council of 9 channeled Message

“We are the Elohim, Council of 9 and we greet you in this beautiful morning where a big shift as become within all hearts connected with this Ascension project. Congratulations!!! Indeed it’s time for celebration, it’s gathered the perfect conditions for improvement in an environment that as been known as the school planet, we are amazed with all your achievements and conquests. From above we have seen all process, all the steps and even it’s was a hard time, we knew you were able to do it. You are the best of the bests, we wouldn’t sent anyone else but only the best we’ve got. So enjoy the celebration of the new times in this beautiful December that forever will be in our hearts ♥️ It’s really an emotion to be here in this moment in time where the foundation of a new era is established and ready to give its fruits. Surrender now to this new times, where you dear one are part of. Trust the flow, trust your own foundation that is deeply connected with your soul and our beloved Creator. Enjoy being you! That’s what’s life is all about, the happiness of being you, in trust, love and self respect, allowing the energies of Divine Creation to show you the way. This new Golden Age it’s about living in connection with the Divine in you. The time arrived for many and much more will join this amazing powerful group that will be the receiver of this Divine mission of living paradise on Earth. Rejoice, from now on you feel so aligned, peaceful, joyful, aware, powerful, enjoying life with ease and flow. Knowing the answers, feeling what is needed to be done and acting like the stream of energy consciousness that you are. A bridge for the Creator to express and guide you all the way. A new love lives now within many of you, you become the unconditional lover, the one who gets, the one who honors, the one who forgives, the one who is a a blessing for all. You are a servant of Yahweh, the one that brings His kingdom in every gesture, every word, every thought. We love you deeply beloved companions and brothers, Thank you 🙏🏻 We are the Council of 9” Art by Erial Ali More- www.susanatavaresart.com Note: “The Council of 9 carry the divine Light to all of Creation. They proclaim the mighty WILL of the Creator to all Beings. It is their holy task to see that every Creation unfolds as provided for by the Divine Plan. Through their wise and profound council, the sacred knowledge of every Creation is revealed to all concerned. All of the divine lineage of Heaven is beholden to the Great Council of the Nine.” Excerpt of a text about the council of 9 

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