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Merry Christmas from the Divine couple - Shekinah and the Creator

“Good morning, we are the Divine Couple Shekinah and the Creator. This will be the last message we will leave before Christmas and we wish that you on this Christmas take a deep breath in and think about us the Divine Couple. We want to hug one and each of you and embrace you in our love. There is nothing more precious to us than your collaboration, your faith and courage to be there at this time. While reading this message, feel our love so present and near you. Feel the warmth of our Love for you. For a while close your eyes to feel the Divine connection, allows us to take your burdens and fill you with Divine Love and joy. Relax in our presence, we are your Mother and Father and we care so deeply for our children. Breath and feel the love. Be there for a while and let the resistance go. Your are in our arms, in our center, you are our child. With this LOVE present, celebrate this season in a new way. Wherever you do, cooking, opening presents, receiving your friends and family... do it with our love present in each moment. Embrace the Magic of Divine, unconditional love and bless everything and everyone with our pure essence, with the Christic energy. Be our bridge of Peace, positivity, kindness, love consciousness in every moment from now on. Just breath, go slowly, smile with joy and remember us on your side doing everything with you. Every time you feel nervous or out of you joy, just close your eyes for a moment, connect with you heart and we are there smiling at you, emanating loads of pure energy and unconditional love, this way you will always get back into alignment, holding the light. We wish you a delicious Christmas in all ways, Our love is present We are the Divine Couple Shekinah and the Creator” 🎄 I want to thank all of you for reading, sharing and commenting the messages. I am deeply grateful for your enthusiasm, support and love. It’s so good to know we are in this together ♥️💖❤️ Wishing you a joyful Christmas full of blessings and with the presence of the Divine in each moment. I LOVE U brothers and sisters!!!!! Susana 🌟 Art by Elizabeth Wang 

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