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Horus Channeled message about the future

"Good morning, I am Horus and I join the Divine Mother today, to bring you a message. From afar I am a contributor on the development of this project of ascension for planet Earth. My message today comes from a desire of deepening the understanding of many of you about what is going to happen in the future, what may be expected…

I bring you my wisdom and my peace.

The first thing I want you to know is that the base of ascension, the foundation is already created. This means the path is already opened for all of you to walk through and there´s no way to come back. This journey you already started it only can end with success, abundance and joy. You are coming to know what is to live in a oneness state of being. The revelations of the Soul have barely started and for some of you these revelations were overwhelming, and you needed to take your time to integrate them in your earthly life. But now you see yourself with different eyes, understanding how profound your being can be. How this journey of the soul has taken you so far, how you learned to move beyond limitation and created a new way that is so much more in truth with who you really are.

The path to the future is one where you learn to develop a relationship with your inner being. Receiving in each moment the impulses to live has a real extension of Source energy. You will not doubt yourself anymore, you will be sure of who you are, you will assert yourself when needed and adjust easily to life experiences. You will live continuously inspired because you know you are not alone one single day of your life. There is a higher force, Father- Mother God and an endless variety of light beings interested in help you in your manifestation for the highest good of this Earth.

You, an important component of this Divine Plan, will make the journey of your lives and never will regret you made it. The gifts are major for those who are awakened, for those who believe and are of service with their gifts. You will rejoice with love, abundance…living in the multidimensional being of you upon this planet. And many will come to you, so you are the teachers of the present and future. Being reference in many areas, you will awaken the masses in your unique, special way. You will live in connection with Source and that will lead you step by step. Masters of the present and of the future you will thrive! Reassure yourself of your greatness, that the mystery that lies within you is one of great brilliance. And don’t waste any time to understand how it’s going to happen to you, because it just will. Trust the higher force that brings to you heaven on Earth.

I AM Horus and I bring you my blessings, reassuring you about the future to come."

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