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Trust yourself and open your heart - channeled message by Yahweh and Shekinah

“Good morning to all of you, we are the Divine Couple, Yahweh and Shakinah and we feel so profoundly happy to share this message. We come today, to say - please trust yourself and what you know! Do not disregard your intuitive knowing and all the signs you have received so far. This resistance you are feeling the last days are in fact helping you to go deeper and to get the clarity you are asking with all your being. Truth can have a different meaning from the one you are used to experience upon the the Earth. It can express in different ways, unexpected ways and even it is different from what you are expecting, doesn’t mean it’s not accurate. So what we ask is that you stick with your truth but also opened to a new ways that this truth can be revealed to you. It’s time to awaken new perspectives, to see beyond normal, to think like the Masters you are. The ones who have the ability to perceive beyond, the ones that are here to waken the masses... for you it’s time to waken the Sacred Knowledge that not everything must go by your Earthly rules... of course there is so much more, and much you cannot understand yet. But you will if you open your heart to another dimensions of your being and transcend the idea you have formed in your head that has to be this way or that way..... not anymore, not ever my love. Release what you can’t understand but stay with an open heart, so you can receive new truths, new Ascended ways of thinking about the situations.... but please not doubting yourself, not putting yourself down. Ask for it and you will receive your insight, your idea, your answer... will come to you if you ask, trust and stay open. We love you deeply Expect a new light dawn Yahweh and Shakinah” Image from from the Sacred Rebels Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison

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