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Oneness activation with the Elohim council of 12 - channeled message

“From the higher realms we are the Elohim, we are the Council of 12 and we are present today to bring you the gift of knowledge and Oneness. Through our being we are able to express and be one with the knowledge of Source, we receive it, we become one with this knowledge and that’s how we become part of the Divine creation. From the higher realms we do not experience separation, we are infinitely connected and part of the ONE. In this message we want you to become part of the ONE, to experience this connection with Source. We bring a small exercise that will help you to experience this connection more often. It’s all meant to be experienced in an earthly plane. So it’s a wonderful opportunity to start now! Take some deep breaths, aligning your energy with your center. Focus on your heart until you feel you are present and aligned with your center. Close your eyes and see yourself within a crystalline, golden tube that comes from Source, surrounding all your being with the most pure energy and unconditional love. Allow yourself to be infused by this light and receive it in your being. If you are ready you will receive a light initiation from us, this initiation will help you to achieve this experience of Oneness with the Creator. It will allow you to ride beyond the limitations of separation and achieve enlightenment, creativity, clarity and express the pure love that is Source. It will charge your being with Oneness at all its levels and something spectacular will come to be experienced by your being upon the Earth. We will work with the ones ready to receive it. So this union become experienced and expressed in a all new level. Close your eyes and if a symbol it’s been given to you, you will join this beautiful experience of Oneness upon the Earth. If you haven’t you will receive it when you achieve the frequency needed. It’s a pleasure to be present and welcome you to the next level of ascension. May we become ONE, May there’s nothing that can separate you from who you really are May you live in the joy of Oneness May we kiss your soul with this blessing We are the Council of 12 Note: the ones ready to receive this activation and saw a symbol, have been activated when reading this message with the permission of your soul and for the highest good of all.” By Susana Tavares Art by Pamela Matthews www.grail.co.nz More about me and my healing work- www.susanatavaresart.com

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