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In this new cycle to rise it needs to fall - channeled message by Shekinah

“Good morning I am Shekinah, ONE with ALL. Today I want to bring you a teaching. This teaching talks about “ how can I be in my power and trust that everything is working out for me” Well there is no longer answer to this -TRUST! These last days you have experienced a great influx of energy, dark and light mixed together. This can be very confusing and give you a sense of unsafeness. Dark and light have been mixed together but from this thin veils many has been brought to surface and purged from your life. Hidden facts emerged becoming an amazing opportunity for you to recognize and heal them. An opportunity to hold the truth in your arms and look it in the eyes. Today you feel you can start breathing again and everything will come to a new harmony. Step by step this new cycle is unfolding and putting everyone in a new place. This place is about truth, is about respect, is about honor, is about who you are... leaving behind the illusions, fears...cleaning the bases to start over in a new place where you have this new clarity that comes from LOVE. Every time we are covered in dust, every time we go down, we have an amazing opportunity to stand up again. To rise from the aches, to become more powerful than before and start over. This new cycle is all about being honest, is about the truth of the soul, the purity of the heart, the power of your inner being. To rise it needs to fall! And you will see, many will need to fall so it can start over in a uprightly place. Do not be scared from your challenges, trust the blessings behind it. Reinsure yourself, every moment everything is working out for you no matter what, because it is! I am Shekinah and I am one with all of you.” 

Artist unknown please credit if you know the artist. Thank you!

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