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Ascension and responsibility - channeled message by Divine Mother

“From the ancient times of creation, I the Divine Mother, unfolding with all the processes of ascension, existing in all that is, the womb for all the creation to become.

This is my time, the time where we can see the feminine arising. The time the conjunction of both feminine and masculine are one force, one Divine. Where there´s no space for separation. Where we celebrate and honor the Divinity in all beings. This is the time of the Divine Mother, where the feminine places its hand blessing not only this planet but the galaxy, the universe(s) and all that it contains.

For so long the masculine has been celebrated and honored as one single piece of the puzzle… so much has been compromised and out of essence.

For holding the Divine spark of creation, to recover your unity with all that is you must stop to put yourself on the side. Raise the consciousness of belonging, embrace your own divinity, remember we live within you.

The time has come where you can no longer hide. You are responsible for what you create, for what you think…take charge of your life now and honor all the opportunities of freedom that are been given to you. Take the opportunities and do not look back, so it will be your responsibility if you do so.

These words you may find harsh, but we can´t go over and over playing the hide and seek game.

For this plan to be a success we need you to embrace your own Divinity, we need you empowered, conscious of your potential and aware of your own acts and choices. RESPONSIBILITY is the word. Take responsibility and act like you mean it and stop the excuses.

It will no longer be tolerated some types of situations, you have received the help you need, the awareness to understand and now you need to move forward with the lessons learned.

Limited time is now at works to embrace the lessons, to apply what you have learned and be responsible.

Look at yourself with compassion but infuse your being with strength and determination for being who you came to be.

With love from the Divine Mother to their children”

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