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Elemental Healing

Beautiful souls, today I want to share with you about "Elemental healing". Elemental healing is used to reestablish the connection with the Earth and it’s natural cycles so you can live in harmony and balance. The elemental healing is developed with the Great Mother Shekinah and the elements ( fire, air, water, Earth and Spirit) and the Elemental beings - Fairies, Dragons, Dolphins, crystal beings, unicorns and mermaids. In a healing session you will be tuned with the new frequencies of Mother Earth so you can live in connection with your natural cycles and live in balance, increasing the flow of energy and well being. These celestial beings are deeply in touch with the pure energies of the Creator and are now available to bring their blessings and wisdom to you. Know more here - http://www.susanatavaresart.com/elemental-healing Much blessings, Sirananda ( I received my spiritual name this week and will start signing with it 😄 I am so happy!) Art by Josephine Wall 

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