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Sacred codes of the Rose channeled message Divine Mother

“From the breath of the Cosmic rose, I the Divine Mother bring you templates of knowledge to be received by the ones ready to embrace the Divine presence of the feminine. The codes of the Rose holding ancient wisdom of purity and essence of the Mother are now ready to be shared. Only the ones who are pure at heart will be able to integrate them completely. However parts of the codes will birth within you and that’s a starting point to achieve this purity. Everything in this process is one step at a time, one step leads to the other and in the end what’s really important is that you were present to give this steps with an open heart. The Sacred codes of the Rose will be shared in Sacred geometry, starting tomorrow and they will have 5 parts. This message is a preparation for receiving the codes, an activation to increase your system and be ready to start receiving them tomorrow. Holding these templates, or part of them will establish a direct connection with the knowledge, healing powers, stream of consciousness and be a vessel for these codes to evolve and be shared. At this time my presence will flourish within your being helping you to follow the path of joy and purpose. The Sacred codes of the Rose will enhance your Divinity, sensing with much clarity the Sacred presence of ALL THAT IS in its involvement in your life. The pure hearts, that I can count on the fingers of my “hands”, will be the light bearers, the pillars of Divine creation upon this planet. They will hold Divine frequency and their luminous presence will be felt in the hearts of many. The awakening is happening right now! While in this February a big purge is still happening the doors of the new are already opening. Today the ones who are reading this message will start preparing to receive the codes of the Sacred Divine Feminine of the Cosmic Rose, ensure that you eat only healthy, vegetarian food, drink water, take time to rest and relax and be in your sacred place voiding harsh environments or people. New beginnings are here, The Rose is opening it’s petals You are part of it! Blessings from the Divine Mother, the Cosmic Rose 🌹”

🙏🏻 Sirananda 

* I received my spiritual name and to honor it you will see me use it 💗 just to let you know that is me 😉

More- www.susanatavaresart.com

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