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Sacred codes of the Rose - Sacred geometry part 1

Codes of the Cosmic Rose part 1 Today ready to start receiving the Codes of the Rose and integrate the Divinity of the Feminine you are! What you are receiving is the purity of the Mother. Her love abounds, her light is vast, her knowledge is profound and deep, her power is absolute. Feel it in your heart the treasure you are receiving, feel the emotion of her purity touching your heart and soul. Her Divinity and sacredness are being shared, doors of possibilities are being opened, her purity being integrated to dissolve the old paradigm and birth a new one. In your center it’s the Rose ( heart chakra) allow it to receive the treasures and purity of the Cosmic Rose. Allow it to expand and illuminate your heart with the most pure light. Your consciousness will expand, You will be a vessel for the codes of the Sacred Rose, Allow to guide you, to show you, to embrace you with Her love. There is nothing more sacred than this moment Enjoy in grace and bliss. Each week I will receive a part of the Sacred Codes of the Rose and they will be received in 5 parts. You can Print it or to meditate upon it to receive the codes. Blessings ✨🌹✨ Sirananda 🙏🏻 

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