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Awaken the Master in you - channeled Messages by Divine Mother Shekinah

“It’s about time to reflect upon the subject matter of what is the Divine in you. I the Great Mother Shekinah, bring cosmic light and profound healing upon those who wants to achieve their own Divinity. The ones who believe can live through their Divine being upon the Earth. If you are one of these beings please continue to read. You are here to awaken your mastery, the master in you wants to reveal itself, wants to be alive and participate actively in everything you do and achieve this state of Oneness. I am oneness, I am oneness, I am oneness! For you to achieve this state of illumination and integration with your Divine being, first you need to master all the Divine qualities of respect, auto- discipline, compassion, kindness, inner- power, service, independence and purity. The purity state includes self-love, use of words, thought and actions in conscious awareness, use of healing powers, connection with the elemental world and pure vibrations of Source. All of you will be supplied with opportunities to master these qualities and receive the proper initiations. The initiations usually include a challenge something you need to solve with the new awareness you have achieved. The important it’s that you remember what you have learned and apply the principles. After that you will pass to the next level and keep moving forward in your ascension process. If you are reading this message for sure you already have achieved many of these qualities and for some of you at this point are already achieving and welcoming the Master in you and integrating your Divine Self. This means you have come into full circle and in a few days you will be ready to acknowledge, live, express, be this Divinity here upon the Earth. For those who feel a tickling energy in your heart and throat chakra know you are the ones that are integrating at this state your Divine self and live it fully and abundantly the Creator in you. I want to greet one and each of you and give you a sincere hug full of love for all the work and service you have done. You are amazing! Know from now on that you represent the Divine upon the Earth, know who you are, remember your Divinity so now you will be fully ready to be in charge and fully trust your qualities and gifts as Masters upon the Earth. I Am the Divine Mother speaking through Sirananda that is part of my being serving ascension upon the Earth. We are one!” 

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