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Sacred codes of the cosmic Rose part 2

Codes of the Cosmic Rose part 2 💗🌹💗 From the center of the universe, the Cosmic Rose emanates it’s perfume and exuberance. A smell of the Divine... Sacred codes are ready to make their embodiment, clearing up the path to be received in purity, openness and love. From the Heart of the Great Mother the Rose irradiates it’s light in every direction. The Cosmic Rose demands her presence and domain upon the Earth in equal terms with the Divine Masculine. They are both part of the same, they should be embraced in their totality, in their wholeness. These codes bring Sovereignty, inflow of Divine Feminine in balance with Divine Masculine, being anchored upon the Earth, clearing the old and reemerging with new templates of consciousness, new rules, new ways. The Cosmic Rose brings the empowerment of your being. You are your own Master! You are your own master in connection with the multi-dimensions and higher aspects of your being! From the center of the Cosmic Rose, Blessed be Sirananda 🙏🏻 Find introduction and part 1 here - http://www.susanatavaresart.com/blog/category/Sacred%20Codes%20of%20the%20Rose%20 

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