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Channeled message of Quan Yin

“Good morning I am Kuan Yin, Goddess of love and compassion. Today I am here present with Sirananda so both of us can bring you softness, encouragement and a new bright light into your heart. 

After this period of great cleanse most of you are feeling a sense of relief, much of the old matrix has been cleared from your systems and even these were not ease days for many of you, know you gained a new freedom! You are now able to generate much more light, energy and receive insights from your soul or for some of you from their Master selves. This was a big step, one that will mark the beginning of a new path, where you’re hold the principals of the Divine Matrix in you. This Golden Era is finally becoming more solid...we can see your light from up here and what a beautiful show to watch. You have developed to a whole new level in such a beautiful way, that even just some of you are at this point ascended , you are now able to embrace a whole planet. A light force net is established anchoring Mother/ Father Creator in the most deepest ways. We can see how you can not perceive the strength and power you already hold. You are now able to radically transform the environment around you that is at distant from a single intention and a little focus. The Creator/ Master in you is ready, ready to make the difference and this doese not take many effort, it’s a fluid state of presence and creation. It’s being aware and focus on what you want your creation to be. And everything will move and transform when you are in touch with your Master self. The path will open, magic will happen in front of your eyes, clarity and joy will prevail in most of your days and what a blessing for those who can connect with you. And just for your presence and the vibration you hold healing will be made, things start to move in a good direction, feelings of hope and strength will arise within the hearts and you just needed to be there, simply! That’s the beauty you hold at this moment! Be aware of the great distance you already walked and if you didn’t already, invite your Master self to be fully embodied, know soon you will be also an anchor of the light/ love from Source. At this time it’s all afar from a single intention and the help will come and things will synchronize in a perfect way for you to get there. Don’t worry how long will it take...just remember you will get there and life is making it work for you. This should be a moment of celebration, may we all rise our hearts to heaven and make a toast for all that has been achieved and how far you all have come. Cheers to you, Cheers to love Source creation Cheers to freedom Cheers to evolution I am Quan Yin, in love with all of you and with the beautiful Gaia 🙏🏻” 

Art - Moonlight by Ichiro Tsuruma

More- www.susanatavaresart.com

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