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Honor your Divinity with the Elohim Council of 12

“We are Elohim Council of 12 and today we join Sirananda hoping to co-create with you a new concept of internal oneness. Many still believe a channel is giving voice to some other entity and we want you to know that Oneness is inclusive, Oneness is making part of something, Oneness comes from One - one love, one Source. Channeling is in fact bringing forth the knowledge you already have and are part of in this union with Source. So there is no Sirananda and Elohim separate parts, there is Sirananda and Elohim part of the same. This is an example for you to understand when you connect with other realms, other entities they are also part of you and you are speaking through your soul, it’s a co-creation and no one is more than the other. No one is more sacred than the other. And Oneness is this knowing of all things Sacred in Divine union, where nothing is separated. It’s time to stop putting yourself behind or seeing yourself and others in the third dimension perspective. After all you are here birthing in flesh and bones a new Golden Age, how can you be less Sacred than us... In this new Matrix it’s your pleasure to see beyond, to understand the Sacred is already with you and around you. This Sacred presence it’s here on the Earth already inspiring you, helping you to understand, to move forward, teaching, sharing their gifts of healing, making an amazing impact on this planet. The Gods and Goddesses/ Masters are here, are you one of them? Are you seeing sacredness in you and others? Are you capturing the love and magic that already exists? My friends it’s time! Indulge yourself with your Sacred beings and do not separate yourself from Source. Just be ONE! We love you and we bless you with our Love, We are the Council of 12 Elohim and Sirananda” More www.susanatavaresart.com 

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