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“From the center of the Cosmic Rose, In connection with the Divine Father / Mother of creation, present in my chamber of Cosmic light Consciousness receiving the codes to anchor upon the Earth, feeling in my center the presence of ALL THAT IS expressing through my being, I am one with the Cosmic River! I Am Source! You are Source! A solid relationship is being built in all its forms and expressions. Divine Masculine and feminine being One. A solid foundation for us to become, growing from the center of our beings, exploding in every direction, like a million stars, surrounding our body, mind and soul, grounding upon the earth where anything will remain the same. It’s the beginning of the new! Blessed I AM, blessed YOU ARE brothers and sisters. Emerge yourself with Source energy, from top to bottom. Receive now! Close your eyes for a moment and receive the River of Cosmic flow available for you now! Allow every cell to be one with Source, allow to flow thought you and become one with the Higher consciousness of the Creator. Fill your beings in presence! Open your heart for this blessing. Be the bridge for the new to come! Feel it! Be it! Anchor it! I am Sirananda in the presence of the Cosmic Father and Mother Blessed be” 

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