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Ascension quantum leap

These last days were intense with the integration of the new energies where some of you are embodying the Master self and others are preparing to give a quantum leap in their ascension. A major purification process took place and its natural you may feel a little dizzy and tired today. Wherever you are in your Ascension process know all the help needed will be delivered to you, you are protected and safe. It’s possible you are having sleepless nights, try get some rest during the day and do not push yourself, instead go with ease and respect your sensibility. Yesterday with the Maha Shivaratri, in celebration and devotion to Shiva, Lord of Creation and destruction ( purification) brought into the Earth a major cleanse of the old paradigm lower energies . A big transmutation took place washing away processes of the lower mind and illusions of separation. Anchoring the truth and Divine order for those who are ready. Masculine and feminine union in Divine oneness. If you are feeling a big transformation took place, honor this major step you had the opportunity to align with. Take time to Integrate, surrender the process and trust that you are being guided all the way, knowing prosperity is birthing within. Much love and light Sirananda 🙏 Art by yulianas /Shutterstock 

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