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Personal light codes - new service

I was guided to offer a new service- Personal light codes. These codes are deeply connected with the Divine Mother and are an absolute blessing to receive them. Many of you have experienced the power of my activations in form of light paintings and sacred geometry and now it’s time and an honor to make available your personal codes that will be activated and manifested in your being bringing the aliveness of these codes in your life. Know you can access your own codes, but for that you need to be in absolute alignment with your soul in every moment so you can translate them and bring them to life. With this service you will receive them and make them manifested in your reality and can access them any time. These light language codes will bring you empowerment, enlightenment, downloads of energy and ability to move through life in a more aligned / fluid way. They bring also the nurturing, loving codes of the Divine Mother that will embrace your being in all your multidimensionality. How it works: - I will need your picture, birth date and name ( to access your soul energy) - These codes are active for a period of 6 months - I will give you the date you need to renew your codes ( if you are guided to do so) - Exchange: 33€ - Your light codes will be send it to you in jpg format and through email for you to print - the codes will be integrated in your being just by looking at them (or meditate) and will be active for the next 6 months. If you feel this is for you, just send me a message Much love and light, Sirananda 💜🙏💜 

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