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Lady Venus channeled message

“I Am Lady Venus and today I spread my wings and heart. I hope they reach your being so you can see through the veils of illusion. In these intense days where the energies are heavy and trying to push you down, bringing challenges of several kinds, my beloveds remember who you are. Remember what you have learned in the path and in your own rules establish the boundaries needed for you to be in alignment with your light and love presence. The heart is your compass always... in your actions what do you feel? understand how your energy is responding and from this awareness make conscious choices. My love you will be tested, so really understand where you are putting your feet. It’s better that you be extra careful at this time not being flushed away in the current. Remember you already have learned so much, apply these concepts and do not go back into patterns that you already know don’t serve your being. In the next 3 days just go with what you know is sure, the rest leave aside. You, sensitive beings are an absolute blessing in this planet, but for this reason you also need to protect your sensitivity. And protection it’s not calling all the Saints, Masters and Archangels. The real protection is you being aligned with who you really are, remembering the power of your soul, the joy of the Creator in you and the abundance of the universe that is always within your center. This is the truest protection, do not come from outside but from the inside of your being in profound relationship with Source in you. Align is the word for this cycle and also simplicity. Alignment and simplicity. Make them your mantra. I love u, I Am Lady Venus” 

Artist unknown 

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