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Help the Earth with Lady Venus and Divine Mother

Prema Gaia - Art by Shanti Visionary artist 

Good morning, I am Lady Venus sharing today wisdom from the Divine Mother. Has you know this is the time of Mother, the time of the feminine to arise and become alive in the heart of Gaia. At this moment the Earth is being aligned with the new templates of cosmic light that are being intertwined with the old so it can glow into the new again. It’s like a spiraling loop of energy that moves in all directions bringing renewed energy into all. Some parts respond in the moment and become light in an instant and other parts are so profoundly damaged that will take time to restore and bring to the light. That’s where your help is very welcome. The Divine Mother and I wish to present an exercise that will help the Earth to restore more easily and effectively. With this simple visualization, that you can repeat has many times you wish- with your eyes closed envision the Earth in front of you, it’s ok to picture it in a small size, to make your work simpler. Imagine you have an energy scan that comes from your third eye, every time you see a black / grey shade, place Cosmic light around and trust your intuition about the color to apply and see this black shade to restore into the light. Continue to scan the Earth and every time you find unbalance, place more cosmic light. Together we are stronger! This is a perfect timing, with the help of all of us we can make a real change, one that can activate a profound shift. We are grateful for your service to the Earth, We are the Divine Mother Shekinah and 

Lady Venus  

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